Customer information - The purchase process


In order to use our web shop service we will ask you to register with us and to supply us with details needed in order to provide the service: name, phone number, e-mail address, home address, delivery address, invoice details. In case of special needs regarding invoicing and delivery please contact our client service.

After completing the registration process , you will be send a mail asking to verify your details, once done your account with us will be activated, this is needed due to data protection reasons.

In any given time it is possible to modify your personal data by logging in and clicking on the "My profile" button.

Logging in

After completing the registration procedure you will have the possibility to log in using your e-mail address and password.

In case you forgot your password, you can ask to get an alternative password to your e-mail address, once you will log in with the alternative password you will need to modify it to your own selected password.


As we keep a large number of products in our shop we have divided them to main and sub categories.

On the main menu in the upper part of the page you can find the list of the main categories, once you choose a main category on the left side of the screen you will be able to see the sub category and the number of products in each sub category.

When choosing a sub category in the middle of the products in this category will appear each product with it's picture and price, it is possible to choose the number of products to buy and add it to the shopping cart.

There are some other possibilities to find a product:

  • it is possible to see your purchase history and choose a product which you like to buy
  • it is possible to look for a product by entering part of the product name in the search window

At any given time it is possible to view the content of the basket by clicking on the "View cart contents" button, once viewing the basket it is also possible to modify the quantity or delete a product from the basket.


In case you did not registered when starting to use the web site, in this stage you will be asked to log in, in case you are not a registered user, you will be asked to register and only then be able to complete the order process.

After viewing the content of the basket and confirming it m you will be asked to do the following:

  • 1st step: confirm delivery and invoice data
  • 2nd step: select the time delivery / pick up
  • 3rd step: select mode of payment
  • 4th step: summary, approval

During the purchase process it is possible to navigate between the different stages of the purchase process by clicking on the relevant tag.

Cancelling an order

It is possible to cancel an order until before it's delivery by sending a mail with a canceling request or call the support center , when asking to cancel an order please use the order number send you in the confirmation.

The right to cancel the purchase

After valid legal orders the customer may send us the products up to 8 working days after receiving the goods. Customer is obliged to pay the costs that may occur by sending back the products. The customer can cancel his order only when the product is not perishable, when the character of the product makes a returning possible or when the customer returns the product in intact package without damages.

Payment options

There are three different possibilities to settle the bill for the delivered products and the delivery charge:

  • You may pay our deliverer in cash or meal tickets after the receipt of the goods
  • You may pay by bank transfer (in this case you will have to digitally approve the delivery contract ) , after making the payment please send us the transfer certificate, it is important to mention in the transfer the order number, the good will be delivered once the payment is credited to our bank account.
  • Via credit card, through the safe system of UniCredit Bank.

It is not possible to fulfill new orders when you have any overdue bill in our webshop.

In case of payment via credit card when the value of the delivered goods is less than the paid amount of your order (e.g. we could not supply you with any item or you give back a packing) our deliverer pays you back the difference in cash in the time of delivery.